We can't change the world, but we can change theirs.

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 We are excited to be in the planning stages of our 2019 5k!  Stay tuned for more information in the coming months, or contact us to request an email when we are ready with all the details!

Who We Are


Our team is entirely made up of volunteers.  We are passionate about helping refugees around the world and making a difference in the world they are in.

Exchange to Change Challenge


Try exchanging a "1st world pleasure" for something that costs less, then donate the difference to support education for suffering children in refugee camps.  Small sacrifices yielding big changes.

We see ourselves and others through the lens of the life we have been given....

What if one could change that and see the world through a different lens?  What if we could see, if only for a moment, through the lens of one who has lost everything?  What if we could see the things of greatest importance suddenly ripped from us, and be left with only our soul- our feet to keep moving forward, our hands to reach, and our spirit to tell us to continue on?

If we could live that life, for only a moment, see ourselves as a refugee fleeing from our burning home, from everything we knew, how would our lens change?  What would we do differently? Whose reaching hands would we grasp?

We can't live that moment, and we might never understand what a person in that situation must feel like, but we can change our lens.  We can start to see the need of others beyond our own circles.  We can rise above the fog of self-centered materialism.  We can do something. We can act.  We can lift the reaching hands.  Change your lens, and then, find a way to change a life.

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