We can't change the world, but we can change theirs.

WHat We do


First Schools

50% of refugee children never even make it to primary school.  For $5,000, we can build a first school and provide a year's worth of supplies for 50 children.  They learn important academic skills that will help them transition into primary schools, as well as coping skills, such as mindfulness, that will help them recover from the trauma that many of them have experienced.

Photos courtesy of JRSUSA and iACT

Teacher Scholarships

Only 1% of refugee youth will receive a chance for education after their secondary schooling.  For $5,000 we can provide a scholarship to enroll a young adult into a 2 year teacher training program that will give them the necessary skills to return to the refugee camps and provide high quality education for youth striving to break out of poverty and find a better life.


We're excited to announce our new partnership with empower mali!


Why We Do It

Because We Have Never...


 Had to watch a member of our family be murdered or tortured.   Needed to travel for miles to find clean drinking water.  Had to watch our home and village burn while running for safety.  Wondered if our children were going be killed or die of starvation before morning...

Because They Have.

Education is the Key


We acknowledge that many refugees struggle to simply find the means for food and fresh drinking water.  However, we believe that the only way to find true freedom from the pit of poverty that they are trapped in is through education.  By focusing our efforts on education programs, we can changing lives and give hope.

Just One


Everyone knows it is impossible to change the world.  But what if, through the generosity of a group of people, one child's world could be changed?  What if, though continual effort, one village could be?  For us, the ONE is worth it.

Ref Ed 5k 2016 and 2017

Check out this video of one of our past Ref Ed 5k races! 

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