We can't change the world, but we can change theirs.

Exchange to Change

Want to know how you can Exchange to Change!  Check out this quick video to learn!

Here are some examples from facebook

Sarah, Colorado


 "If you are looking for an opportunity to donate and help a great cause join me and head over to Educated Refugee Foundation. We decided to get redbox instead of go to the movies. We donated the difference to the Exchange to Change!

Melanie, Utah


"For the month of November I brought lunch to work instead of eating out and donated the difference to #educatedrefugee to help refugee children gain access to education. #exchangetochange"

Danelle, Nevada


 "We’re going to start our Christmas season off by dining In instead of Out to help fund a school in Chad for the Exchange To Change challenge for the Educated Refugee Foundation. For more information go to http://www.educatedrefugee.org/exchange-to-change.html.  Merry Christmas everyone and may we make a difference and together Light the World!"

Arianne, Montana


"For our date night we went to Costco for samples and pizza and donated what we would have spent on a dinner out. If you want to join in please do!!! It’s not much effort and makes a big difference. go to their web sight to donate!! #educatedrefugeewww.educatedrefugee.org "

Emily, Utah


Emily was the winner of our 2018 Exchanged to Change contest and won 4 all day hopper passes to Disneyland!!

Ready to make a change in the world?

Pick your "first world pleasure" exchange it for something less expensive, and...

Donate the difference!